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Matthew Wilson

Support Engineer I

Expertise: Killing virus infections, reconnecting lost printers, and kicking on networks.

Background: Been playing with these things for 20 years and teaching them for 13. Plus 8 years of repairing and developing environments.

Family Stats: Married to Heather. We have a son, Seth, and a bearded dragon named Trogdor (the Burninator).

TV Addiction: Doctor Who – Tops my charts every year.

Hobbies: Violin. I picked it up around Christmas and I’m horrible, but it’s a fun challenge!

Bonus Info: Involved in Grace Presbyterian Church off Allisonville Road on Indy’s northeast side. And I’ve got a signature bowling move—bowling while doing the worm.

Favorite App:

quickQuick – Let’s me add funny text to pictures of my son.
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