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With the holidays coming up, often times managers find their teams slowing down at work while “gearing up” for the holidays at home.  With Black Friday sales and halls to be decked, it is often the case that Tis the Season for Lost Productivity.  One organization estimates that Cyber Monday 2010 caused nearly $580 million in lost productivity on that day alone!

So what can you do to help keep your team on track?  Some suggestions are:

Friendly Competitions

Hosting games and competitions in the workplace  may seem like an idea fresh out of the Michael Scott playbook, but rest assured it’s a timeless tradition with many benefits to both the company and employees alike. Office games are good for everyone, and the fun multiplies when incentive is added. This encourages employees to bring work related topics back home, thus encouraging them to spend more of their day thinking about work related topics.

Help A Non-Profit As A Team

Helping a non-profit is rewarding on its own, but increasing team bonding, lifting holiday spirits,  and creating a positive work environment are three of the overlooked benefits helping non-profits can provide for your company. Think of it like a company retreat, except it’s free and benefits more than just your company.

Encourage Downtime To Recharge 

There’s nothing worse than wandering through the office to see 80% of your workforce killing time browsing the endless pages of Amazon. The best way to combat the seemingly inevitable is to give in a little bit. Offer a coffee break with a nice spread of your employees’ favorite brews. Talk about families, presents, and food. When everyone eventually goes back to work they will feel rejuvenated and ready to wrap up their work day — efficiently and productively — and keeping the “get it done” attitude alive for the Holidays.