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While away from the office, but still on business, there’s often a tendency (or temptation) to allow your productivity to drop. Whether you’re at a conference or tradeshow, or simply away from the office, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to stay productive, but also enjoy the experience in such a way that will help your productivity in the long run.

Get Organized

A crucial element to keeping your work ability potent outside of the office boundaries is to get organized. To do this you should follow a daily routine. Routines have a way of making things that feel like time off, remain productive to your work day. Create to do lists, or utilize an app to help you do so. One such app is Trello.  This can help you organize your tasks into several categories, in order to keep them organized.

If you find yourself working on the road, what would normally be a minor mistake can evolve into much bigger issues. So to avoid these issues with ease, it’s important to write things down, and avoid the simple mistakes. Setting goals is another crucial method to remain organized on the road. Goals are the simplest way to self motivate. So when it becomes abnormally difficult to motivate yourself, setting a goal should give you a glimpse of what is to come, and allow you to push through the slump you may have fallen into.

Have A Backup Plan

When it’s just you, the road, and a briefcase filled with your work necessities, sometimes the pioneer within gets the best of us. Perhaps you even end up a ways off the intended route. This means you’re going to have to buckle down, connect to the nearest free WiFi, and get some work done. Always have a secondary plan in mind. Whether it’s a traffic jam or a special destination calling your name, detours are made.  However, there is still work to be done. Wandering a little bit never hurt anyone, and neither has having options. If you always get your work done at a Dunkin’ Donuts, but all that’s available is Einstein Bros Bagels, sacrifices will have to be made. Joking aside, it’s a small sacrifice to make when compared to the autonomy you’ve been afforded.

Finally, you can utilize the power of Cloud-based business tools, which can allow you to access more powerful work programs remotely, boosting your productivity and capability.  However, if those tools aren’t available to you, there are many potent browser based tools that can provide similar capabilities for most situations.

Take Regular Breaks

Nothing takes away from productivity more than working yourself too hard. If you keep grinding, chances are at some point your quality of work will diminish. So, to avoid the downfall of your work, it is crucial to take frequent breaks. An option highly recommended is the 40 – 20 policy. For every hour you work, 40 minutes of that should be nose-to-the-grindstone hard work, but 20 minutes of that hour should be relaxing and collected. This helps keep your brain working at peak performance to avoid smaller, headache-causing mistakes.

Avoid Distractions

Unless it’s intentional, it’s a distraction. So the best way to combat the impending zone out, pencil twist, or rubber-band ball bounce is to make your work enjoyable, provide yourself proper incentive, be sure to treat yourself when you work hard, and always take frequent breaks. Find passive activities to keep you focused. Many have found that listening to music while working is a great benefit to overall performance. However, there are infinite alternatives and doing what’s best for you is always the greater option.


With these tips, you can remain productive while on the go, but also enjoy the experience of being out of the office and not chained to your desk.