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The internet is full of endless articles attempting to scare people into working out and staying fit–packed full of products that guarantee you the body of an Olympic athlete. Frankly it can fairly overwhelming. The most fool proof and basic way to stay healthy is to find a routine that you are comfortable with and to stick to it. 

One potentially beneficial endeavor is standing while working. This action allows you to burn calories while improving the ergonomics of your workspace, which can potentially relieve those inexplicable back pains you’ve been having. (The back pains which may have been keeping you away from the gym.)

Another health improving action you can take within the confines of the office is to take a walk every once in a while. If you work from home, try and walk around the block every day. If you work in the office, wait for your lunch break and stroll around the building while you eat your sandwich. You will find this provides many benefits that improve health and wellness as well as overall productivity.

None of this makes a difference if your diet isn’t right: Working out burns calories. Eating right sheds pounds. It’s absolutely crucial to maintain a proper balance between the two. One simple tip to diminish your calorie intake is simply changing when you eat. Historically, Americans eat their largest meal of the day before bed. This should change. The sooner you eat the sooner you can burn off the calories. So, shift your largest meal of the day to breakfast or lunch and a much smaller meal for dinner and the pounds will start to drop like the dumbbells at the gym after your final rep.

Your health can greatly effect your daily productivity in all aspects of life. So the more ways you can engage employees or yourself in healthy activities, the more it will come back to benefit your workplace as well as yourself.