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Giving back is an important holiday tradition upheld by many families. When the snow piles high, the temperature drops, and any motivation to step outside is swept away, how can families maintain these traditions? Luckily modern technology has found a way to aid us in this endeavor.


This app allows a company to donate on your behalf on revenue from ads you see through the Tinbox app. A way to donate to non-profits without ever grabbing for your wallet. Will be releasing in the New Year.

Charity Miles:

Through this app, corporate sponsors donate based on the distance you bike, walk, or run. Bikers earn roughly 10¢ per mile; Walkers and runners earn roughly 25¢ per mile. Available on Apple and Android devices.


Instead operates on the idea that changing something small in your life can affect something much bigger in someone else’s. By accepting challenges like “pack your lunch today,” or “Brew your own coffee this week,” users save money on minute things in their life which they are asked to then donate to charity.

With a few quick tweaks (or at least app downloads), you can help donate and fund charities for things you already do.