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You’ve heard it time and again: “Back up your data!” But what does that actually look like? If I have a company with several computers, do I have to get each of my employees large external hard drives? Will I have to put another system in place with my employees to make sure their data is saved?
Fortunately, no.  You don’t have to spring for 25 external hard drives and coerce your employees into manually backing up their data at the end of every business day.

Indeed IT is able to offer a wide variety of backup solutions for any size business so they can quickly, efficiently, affordably, and, best of all, automatically back up their data. Whether you have several desktops or several servers, we can offer an affordable package that will safely and securely back up your data, giving immeasurable peace of mind.
Additionally, some industries are required by law to backup their data, and we are able to offer virtually any organization the service to do so – including medical facilities.  Indeed is able to offer HIPAA grade backup and encryption services at an affordable price so you can focus on your patients.
There are an innumerable amount of reasons to backup your data – and anyone who has ever had their computer (or phone) crash or break would agree.  Although it may seem cliché, with regard to backing up your data, an ounce of prevention is worth many pounds of cure – unless your data is gone forever.  Then there is no cure and you just have to start from scratch.