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It’s no secret that the single greatest downfall to mobile technology is the length which one can use it without recharging. As smartphones become ever more integrated into everything people do, it has become more crucial than ever to keep smartphone batteries charged for extended periods of time. There are many ways in which this task can be completed.

For the minimalist:

A charging case: The Mophie Juice Pack Reserve, which adds 60% more battery in the form of a slim case that won’t give the illusion of a brick in your pocket. The case adds a mere .3 inches of thickness to your phone, which is on par with many cases on the market — even ones that don’t have a built-in battery. If a sleek ascetic is a must for your charging desires, the charging case is the way to go.

For the business traveler:

An external battery: These range from holding 1 full charge to 10 full charges. The Anker Astro E7 is just the right amount of extra battery power to keep your phone going. With just a phone cord and this device, you can go a full business week with heavy phone use. This device can charge your phone 10 times, and is only slightly larger than most smartphones. Perfect to slip into your backpack or keep in a jacket pocket. This external battery is sure to meet all of your on the go needs.

For the outdoor enthusiast:

The best way to power your device is with a solar powered external battery. These devices harness the power of the sun to charge your phone. The EasyAcc Solar Panel Power Bank has the perfect balance of rugged utility and technological refinement to fit your needs. The possibilities are endless when you can tame power off the grid. With dimensions slightly thicker than the average smartphone, this external battery is relatively small and easy to carry. Ideal for rugged use but certainly adaptable for any environment, this phone charger will fit any of your needs.