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Researchers, testers, and technology experts have gone to great lengths to portray which operating system is best suited for you. To best benefit your holiday shopping needs we have gathered information regarding the 3 major operating systems into 1 simple place.

Chrome OS: 

Best suited for the student or the bare-bones user. Chrome devices are dedicated to entirely using Google’s Chrome browser.  Which means super fast web browsing, long battery life, low price tags, and quick boot up times. The downside to this operating system are eminent to the business or power user. These computers can only use tools available through your browser; so if your computing needs include utilizing non-browser based tools you may want to explore another option.

Windows 10:

Windows is an operating system everyone is familiar with; however, Windows 10 has made some overdue changes that provide reason enough for a new machine or, best of all, a free upgrade. The pinnacle of Microsoft’s new operating system is the reveal of a reinvented web browser called Edge. Edge promises speed, slickness, and functionality with a slew of features to benefit users of every kind. Windows is offered on such a wide array of hardware there is sure to be a product right for you.  However, in recent years Windows has a history of not always living up to its expectations.


Apple products are best known for their stunning aesthetic and ease of use. OS X has brought many new features that seem to improve on those two major points. Apple promises this new software will deliver up to 40% faster app launch, up to 2 times faster app switching, up to 2 times faster first mail message display, and up to 4 times faster PDF viewing. These features sound awesome and the products are always enticing, but for some users, such a powerful product may be overkill for your computing needs. Additionally, Apple’s premium position in the marketplace does create a barrier to entry for many users.