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There’s a growing debate between advocates of both Evernote and Microsoft’s OneDrive.  With the new Windows 10 Launch imminent and OneDrive’s native integration, is it worth the extra time (and money, should you choose to upgrade) to install Evernote?

Here are a few of the features that Evernote offers that OneDrive is yet to match:

1. Web Clipper

If you’re relatively new to Evernote, you may not have heard of their “Web Clipper” plugin browser extension.  When browsing your favorite blogs, it allows you to merely click a button and instantly save it to your Evernote notebooks for easy reading later, on any device.  It’s like bookmarking a site, but it’s synced across all devices and the whole content of the article is saved in Evernote, and thus searchable through Evernote’s search function.

2. Third-Party Apps

Unlike OneDrive, there’s a whole slew of Third-Party Apps that can seamlessly be integrated with Evernote. For instance, CamScanner allows you to take a picture of virtually any document and will convert it into a searchable PDF and will seamlessly drop it into Evernote for you.  Azendoo is an excellent team collaboration platform that also integrates with Evernote.  Currently, there are several hundred apps that ingrate with Evernote, while less than 50 seamlessly fit into OneDrive.

3. Google Integration

If you have the Web Clipper installed on your browser, when you do your Google-ing, your most relevant Evernote notes will pop up in a box on the right along with Google’s results!  How cool is that? Now you can truly search all of the information available to you online along with information that you’ve already deemed to be important on a given subject.


4. Easy Access to All Your Documents Anywhere

This one is kind of nit-picky, but when using OneDrive, not all of your notes automatically display – you have to go into each notebook before it downloads the notes in each folder, while on Evernote, they’re already there.  When searching on a mobile device, that’s an additional step that many people have found to be annoying.  Others don’t mind it.  But one of the main draws of using a service like Evernote or OneDrive is creating a searchable “knowledgebase” of lots of information, and the search function is hampered, it hurts the overall experience.

5. Reminders & Alerts

This one seems small, but on a day-to-day basis, could have a larger impact that others.  OneDrive currently doesn’t allow you to set up alerts and reminders, while Evernote does.  What’s this mean in practical terms? That you can more easily use Evernote as a project management system – setting up tasks and deadlines for you and your team to complete, rather than merely a list.  It’s a small feature that will probably get patched on OneDrive but currently Evernote has the edge here.

Currently, there is no perfect solution for note-taking apps, but Evernote does have several features that OneDrive doesn’t.  Ultimately, there are a whole slew of options for note-taking and document management, but if you’re looking for a digital, cloud-based solution, Evernote is an affordable, full-featured system.