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3 Apps Bound To Change How We Give Back

Giving back is an important holiday tradition upheld by many families. When the snow piles high, the temperature drops, and any motivation to step outside is swept away, how can families maintain these traditions? Luckily modern technology has found a way to aid us in...

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A Beginner’s Guide To Safe Online Shopping

Online shopping is the most efficient way to entertain all your family members this holiday season. It's also the easiest way to misplace your hard earned money. One misstep in the virtual shopping realm, and you could have a serious holiday meltdown. Below are some...

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Holiday Shopping: A Phased Approach

Holiday Shopping has become a gruesome event these past few years. Ebay has done some research to aid retailers in what is going through the mind of a consumer from the start of November to the middle of January, to help retailers maximize this holiday season. No...

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How To Stay Healthy Working A Desk Job

The internet is full of endless articles attempting to scare people into working out and staying fit--packed full of products that guarantee you the body of an Olympic athlete. Frankly it can fairly overwhelming. The most fool proof and basic way to stay healthy is to...

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The Importance of Backing Up Your Data

As technology advances, data backups are becoming more and more crucial. Technology is a part of everyday life and the downside to that is our work, social, and miscellaneous needs often rely on it.  Often times, many technical issues can be avoided with one step that...

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