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Can phones be easier? We think they can, and our sister company, Servant Voice, Inc. provides business phones at competitive prices, extensive features, and local support from us rather than you (or us) having to call a third party for help.

Are you tired of business phone systems that are missing a key component? Either the system is technically great and the customer service isn’t, or vice versa. We’re here to solve both problems with a hosted, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), phone system that’s straightforward and has the features you need with the support you want.

We can support a variety of physical desk phones, soft-phones on your Windows or Apple computer, or an app on your iOS or Android smart phone, where you can make and receive calls using your business phone number (and not give out your cell phone).

There are a lot of internet phone systems available. We call third party phone companies to help our clients all the time, because internet phones are just custom computers. We also wait on hold and work through the often frustrating process to get problems solved or even just settings configured the way you need them, and we’re happy to help just as we do in many areas of technology, but are happy to also offer a solution we can support at a deeper level, customize to your needs, and solve problems, even as the system runs redundantly across four datacenters around the country in case of failure–keeping your phones up and running even if there’s a failure in one of them. And if your office internet goes down, we can configure plans to send calls elsewhere, such as your cell phone or other backup location to keep you up and running.

Just ask us for more Servant Voice information and we’d be happy to show you the available options and see if our flexible system can help keep your organization running smoothly.