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How does security affect your business? Attackers use ransomware, credential stuffing, phishing, stolen passwords, and other risks to hurt you more every year.

Don’t know what all that means? That’s OK, you’re an expert in your own field, not computers and security! But that doesn’t mean it’s not important. Ten to fifteen years ago, some basic antivirus software and a good firewall protected most small businesses adequately, and occasionally we needed to remove some adware that popped up annoying ads on users’ computers. The advent of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin that made facilitating international payments to attackers easy, and the rise of organized, international crime rings that constantly look for new ways to extract money from businesses of all size now means that a stronger, multi-layered defense is necessary. We’re calling it Information Security here because it’s about protecting your company’s information, but some people call it Cyber Security, which is the computer/network part of Information Security.

It’s not possible to ensure perfect security. Certainly not without an unlimited budget, and we know that’s unrealistic! You have to protect against all known and unknown attacks, while attackers only need to be successful once. Employees and vendors can unfortunately be tricked by scammers and attacks even if vigilant, and no software is bug-free, including potential security problems (though updating frequently helps close known holes).

Servant 42 has been working on the front lines of protecting small and mid-sized businesses from security attacks over the last several years as the attacks have shifted and risks have changed, and has developed a set of security risk-reduction tools and trainings that help provide multiple layers of security across network, email, computer, server, and application technologies, while also helping to educate employees how to be more vigilant and skeptical of attacks so they, and in turn the business, are less likely to become victims.

We have options to meet your support needs that include security protections at multiple price and risk tolerance levels and can help find the right one for your business. If you run or own a business, you’re likely busy and don’t have the time to understand the technological security news feeds and understand the solutions; you’re probably focused on running operations and serving your customers. Give us a call today and schedule a time to talk through today’s security risks and how you can reduce them to a reasonable level!

Did you know…?

A significant breach of U.S. Military computers in history occurred when someone picked up a memory stick they found in a parking lot, plugged it into their computer, and, because it was implanted with a virus by a foreign government, the virus snuck its way into U.S. Central Command.

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