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Did you know that laser printers are generally more reliable than ink jet printers? Printers aren’t fun for most people since they have mechanical parts that can (and often do) malfunction, but they are a necessity at most businesses. While we don’t have a standard printer model recommendation and it depends on your specific needs, generally speaking laser printers are ideal for business printing because the toner powder in cartridges doesn’t dry out and also tends to last a lot longer than wet ink jet ink. Laser printers usually print faster, and even color laser printers are relatively inexpensive (laser doesn’t always provide photos that are quite as nice, but that’s a niche that business printing doesn’t need as often).

Some of the laser printer brands customers have had success with in the past are HP, Brother, and Canon. Usually, a printer that’s a little more expensive than the cheapest possible unit will tend to work a bit better and last a bit longer. It’s good to check the price of toner replacement cartridges as well, and you may want to investigate if remanufactured, third-party cartridges are available for your printer. These third-party cartridges can save you money, and won’t void your printer warranty, but can sometimes cause slightly lower print quality. You’ll have to decide if the price difference is worth it.

You can browse available laser printer models on Amazon, there’s quite a wide variety!