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October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. A lesser-known but very important component of online security is a password manager. Most people have one, two, or maybe three passwords they use for all of their online accounts. These are easy to remember passwords, maybe even something family or pet related, and attackers often break into websites and steal the passwords so they can use them to get into the rest of your accounts. Check out this quick video tip or read on to find out how to protect yourself:

The best protection from this, alongside two-factor authentication, is having a password manager. A password manager is an application that lives on your phone, your computer, and your web browser to fill in passwords and to help create and remember the long complicated passwords that you’re supposed to have for every site, but that you can’t really remember on your own.

Password managers store all that information securely with one password that you remember to unlock everything else. There are several excellent password managers available for you to choose from. And we highly recommend that you make the up-front effort to change your behavior to gain a tremendous amount of additional security in your personal and business life.

My favorite password manager is 1Password, with both business and personal solutions, but there are several well-known and trusted options that you can read about at CNet and Wired. We also offer a solution called MyGlue that can be used by an office team for password management as well as process documentation.

That’s it for our special security tips for the month of October, stay safe out there!